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Dean Tellone

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About Dean Tellone

Dean Tellone is a financial professional born and raised in Southern California. He is the President and CEO of Tellone Financial Services, a passionate entrepreneur, and a music enthusiast. In particular, Dean loves to sing and play the piano.

When Dean Tellone was younger, he played in a band. This was more of a hobby for Dean, so he never pursued it professionally. Yet it was a thrilling experience for Dean, so he will always encourage anyone who listens to follow their dreams, no matter what they are. If you’re curious about Dean’s musical history, you can find a recording of him singing an Elvis song online. This will give you a solid idea of his voice and musical preferences.

While Dean Tellone may have walked away from the band life years ago, he still enjoys singing and playing the piano. If you ever get the chance to meet him in person, don’t be afraid to ask for a musical session. The simple truth is that music is a foundational element of human nature and will always be a connecting force for us. It is one of the many reasons Dean Tellone enjoys it. 

Music isn’t the only hobby that Dean Tellone indulges in. His second passion is exercise and fitness. Dean has strong opinions about staying fit and healthy, and it shows. He loves running and participating in pelotons. He recently built a gym inside his building to ensure a more rounded exercise routine.

Dean Tellone got his education through the University of Arizona and Cal Poly Pomona, earning him a master’s degree in Business Administration. This gave him the foundational knowledge required to follow his professional dreams – starting his own financial company. But before he could strike out on his own, he had to get some experience. Upon graduation, he was hired with Teledyne Corporate Offices, Century City, California. He spent twelve years working with Teledyne, working his way up the corporate ladder.

In 1975, Dean Tellone founded Tellone Financial Services, which offers services such as estate planning, retirement planning, taxes, accounting, and more. The company has grown significantly over the years, though it initially started with only two employees. It now manages over two hundred million dollars in mortgage funds and has been in the direct mortgage and private lending business for over 40 years. Tellone Financial is unique in that it is an independent company and thus is not swayed by outside shareholders. This enables them to put customers first – now and always. One way Dean ensures this goal is by carefully hiring his employees. Over the years, he has found that the workforce is the heart of any business. So he has learned to care for and appreciate his team. 

Over the years, Dean Tellone has learned many important life lessons. He is eager to share these lessons with the world, as he hopes they will someday encourage a younger generation to follow their dreams.

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